Being YOU… My opinion!

My first post, Yay to me!! Let’s start…

What works for you?  Being bold, adventurous, fashion forward or just a plain Jane when it comes to your fashion choices. Does it really matter? I would say Yes and No. But what really matters is that you feel comfortable in what you wear. There are in fact a few question you need to ask yourself before stepping out into public…

Uhm… Is what I am wearing age appropriate?  Does this outfit flatter my figure or do I look like I am wearing my baby sister’s clothing?  Is this appropriate office attire?  Does my makeup look like I am on my way to a Halloween party?  LOL! I am sure we all look in the mirror before we leave home… I doubt it… No offence but that is just my opinion.

My biggest opinion is with people wearing clothing that is either two sizes too big or two sizes too small. Well I guess I am guilty of wearing oversized clothing… You know that period in your life when you want to hide all the lumps and bumps? Guilty as charged!!! Very unflattering I tell you. Find your perfect fit. Clothing that is both comfortable and flattering to your figure. Try on clothing before you make that purchase. Ask someone for help. The opinion of others actually does matter, sometimes.

We know the saying “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”. Yes there is some truth to it but covering up and showing off your curves instead of showing skin can also be equally sexy. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with showing skin. We all admire those underwear and swimsuit models. But come on let’s be realistic, not all of us can look like that. So work with what you have and dress it up appropriately. Body shaming is a real thing and the only way to avoid it, is to not give anyone ammunition to shame you.

So with all that said… Let’s be bold, let’s be adventurous and let’s try a new look from time to time… But most importantly BE YOU!!!







Author: Davluvsfashion

My hair is Curly... My body oh so Curvy... I am a coloured female born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa. This is my personal taste and take on Fashion, Interior Design and all things Pretty 🌼

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